Blinky Bill at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary



The classic and beloved Australian book character; Blinky Bill, is now part of a live show at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The story: 

The residents of Green Patch are preparing for the Big Party to celebrate the arrival of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s newest addition, the V.I.A. (Very Important Animal). However not everyone in Green Patch is excited about this new addition and on it’s arrival to Green Patch Station, the Currumbin Express train is ambushed by the sneaky, shifty, scheming Cat, who steals the wildlife crate containing the V.I.A.  Fortunately, Blinky Bill and his best mate Nutsy arrive on the scene and the real adventure begins. Wildlife to the Rescue sings and dances it way through the quest of saving the missing V.I.A., in an exciting, action packed show for the entire family.

Blinky Bill is currently featuring two shows and making two appearances daily. For more information visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

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